Koperasi Pembangunan Pendidikan Berhad was established with the primary objective of offering financial plans that help tertiary education funding and retirement benefits . Koperasi Pembangunan Pendidikan Bhd is the only cooperative in Malaysia that has been given the approval to offer Scholarship and retirement Funds to its members.

Koperasi Pembangunan Pendidikan Bhd. (KOPP Bhd.) was setup in Mid 1993 and was duly registered on 3rd January 1994 with Jabatan Pembangunan Koperasi (then under Ministry of Land, Mines & Co-operative) to manage and administer the KOPP Scholarship Fund.

The KOPP Scholarship Fund was modeled after the Canadian and Australian Scholarship Trust Fund. This fund propagates the idea of making early provision financially thus, buying into a "Lock-in" system projected ahead to ensure a "Study Scholarship" for their children.

Since the idea of a (“lock-in”) system represented the future and being "Visionary" , the element of trust became a major issue. To instill confidence, KOPP came up with a structure and framework designed to provide both, security and assurance on the investment made. The following are the components involved in formulating and managing the Scholarship and Retirement Funds: A. Consultant Actuaries B. Trustee C. Fund Manager D. Family Protection Benefits (Payor Death Benefit)

While KOPP Bhd plays the role of administrator and the marketing in the overall management of the KOPP Scholarship and Retirement Funds. This, in effect is also in compliance with the Society's Act, i.e. to ensure that funds received from Members' of our Scholarship Fund are well appropriated and successfully managed.


Koperasi Pembangunan Pendidikan Berhad aspires to bring positive and sustainable changes to the nation by promoting healthy financial management.


  • To encourage and motivate Malaysians to create a viable financial plan for their children’s education.
  • To provide the funds (scholarship) for higher education.
  • To provide End to End Tertiary Education and Career Guidance.
  • To encourage and motivate Malaysians to create a viable financial plan for their retirement.